Micro Mini Pig, MMP is a novel bred of common pigs for animal tests and medical uses
A typical growth curve of microminipig (MMP) For a typical growth curve of them will be shown when you click the above image.

A novel bred of pigs (Sus scrofa) with very small size in matured stages, suitable for animal testing and medical researches, such as in toxicology, physiology, biochemistry, and molecular biology. They weigh less than 10 kg or so, and almost equivalent to or even smaller than beagle dogs commonly used for the similar research purposes. As this pig species possesses high affinity to human tissues, can also used for producing regenerative human organs to be translpaned in regenerating medicine. Gnetic ID will be accompanied with them. A comparisons between normal pig (Large Yorkshire), mini pig (MP), and micromini pig (MMP) is: Comparison of pigs

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